Long story short: I am a web developer by profession, philosopher by education, and photographer by hobby.



Today's technologies are evolving so fast that continuous learning and flexibility together have become a life style.

Programming languages
Classic ASP%
PHPprocedural & oo%
Development frameworks
NodeJS, Gulp%
Bootstrap 3 & 4etc %
Composer, NodeJS, Cordova %
Symfony, Silex, SLIM%
Doctrine ORM, Twig%
Wordpress, WP REST Api %
Tools and utilities
Git, Bitbucket, JIRA%
AWS: DB RDS, Aurora, EC2, Bucket, Lambda etc %
PhpStorm, Xcode, VSCode %
Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Fireworks %
Linux, OS X, Windows %
Apache2 server configuration, SSL, VPN %

Work experience

I proud myself as being a committed individual, flexible, team player, punctual, with a strong sense of data privacy, continuous avid learner, perfectionist, and aiming to test and deliver always on time.

2016 — present
Web Developer
Ultima Furniture Systems Ltd • Pontefract, UK
My role is to build new in-house web applications and maintain existing ones.
— Programming languages used in development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and MSSQL.
— All newly developed applications were written using NodeJS on backend, AngularJS on frontend, Cordova for the mobile web apps (android) and hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services).
— The legacy applications that I have maintained were written in PHP or Symfony MVC, JQuery, backed by MySQL and MSSQL databases.
— Other responsibilities include setting up LAMP and NodeJS servers on AWS EC2, AWS RDS & AWS Aurora database migrations, creating AWS Lambda functions, Wordpress themes and custom functionality development, Jenkins integrations, etc.
2009 — 2016
Web Developer
Kaizen Siatat SRL • Bucharest, Romania
Various in-house solutions and e-commerce related projects primarily using PHP & MySQL, Ajax, API integrations, database management and manipulation, reporting applications, content management, website traffic and usage analytics, SEO.

You might find it funny, but here is what work experience has taught me so far

No matter how difficult a project is, deadline must be met.
Consistency, punctuality, flexibility and strong work ethics are key.
Exploring the latest technologies will keep you away from job boredom.
Team work adds value to the business and gives better results.
Coding right in the wrong direction means you haven't read the specs.
Being social it's not about gossip, it's about learning.



I have always been a know-how oriented student, as I strongly believe that education it's about developing structural thinking frameworks with strategies that will help integrate multiple challenges so one can truly turn a difficulty and into an opportunity.

2012 — 2014
Master in Applied Ethics
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest • Romania

Most courses were focused on today's ethical challenges for business and organizations, emphasizing the organizational culture and its role along with productive leadership and resources management efficiency.

2009 — 2012
Bachelor of Philosophy
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest • Romania

Section: European Studies and International Relations. Following the pragmatic approach of ancient, modern and contemporary philosophy, the main goal was to create new problem solving tools and frameworks in accordance with today's real world challenges ranging from individual development to world economics and politics.

Academic extracurricular participation & affiliation

2015 — 2016: Seminar docent "Ethics Management in Organizations"
2014 — 2016: Seminar docent "Ethical Theories: Kant, Mill & Hare"
2012 — 2016: Founder member of "Debate Group in Bioethics".
2011 — 2016: Member of "Research Centre in Applied Ethics".



Here you can browse some of my personal projects. No work related projects can be listed here for obvious reasons.


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